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Are doulas only for natural and/or home births?


No. We support all different kinds of births.  While many of my clients are seeking natural childbirth, we can also be incredibly helpful during a planned or unplanned epidural birth.  


Does a doula replace my husband or partner?


Definitely not. Doulas are present to assist the partners as well as the birthing mother.  As a doula, I can help reduce the pressure on the support person, allowing them to focus on the birth without the burden of processing decisions or information alone.  This then allows them to be more present and do what they do best, love the mother.  A doula will allow you two to bond as a family and work around you while quietly and confidently taking care of you both during the birth process.  


What is the evidence behind having a doula at a birth?


Studies about doula care have shown that those with a doula tend to have shorter labors, more positive feelings about birth, & both mother and baby have statistically better outcomes! 


My Story

As a mom to three beautiful daughters and a certified Birth Boot Camp Doula and Birth Boot Camp Postpartum Doula, I strongly believe in a the unique journey of each women as she realizes her body’s innate ability to give birth and focuses on her strengths during this blessed time.  I help families be present in their current birth situation and love to watch their story unfold as they welcome their child.

When I am not playing with my girls, I enjoy trying new recipes in the kitchen for family and extended family to try.  We are alway on the lookout for fun new adventures locally and as a family, we enjoy traveling whenever possible.    

Certified Birth Boot Camp Doula

Birth Boot Camp Training April 2020

"Advocacy is defined as supporting the birth person in their right to make decisions about their own body and baby." -Evidence Based Birth
I support you in your decisions on how you want to birth.